2nd Grade Teacher wins Golden Apple Award, HSA Celebrates

When Monica Kasch walked into her school’s assembly on March 25, she thought her students and fellow colleagues were convening to discuss Horizon School Academy’s success. Little did she know everyone at school had come together to celebrate her. 

Surrounded by WHO Channel 13 News’s crew, it was announced during the assembly that Kasch was selected to receive the network’s Golden Apple Award. Kasch, who is a school teacher with 15 years of experience, beat out over 100 other teachers who were nominated for the award. 

“Mrs. Kasch does a great job with student relationships, as one of our parents who nominated her noted,” Reiman said. “She has a classroom full of respect, love, learning and high expectations. She is a gem for our school.” 

You can find Kasch and her students’ reaction to her getting the award here



It has only been one year since Horizon Science Academy opened its doors to the people of Des Moines and everyone within the school is already excited about its future. 


After a successful school year, HSA Des Moines has big plans for 2024-25––which include expanding its enrollment radius to areas surrounding the city. 


“What I am most proud of is that we are still standing, we are thriving and we are getting ready for Year Two,” said HSA Des Moines enrollment coordinator Emily Reiman. “It feels great to be in a spot where we are preparing for next school year already and giving tours to prospective families and future students.

“That’s really exciting and continuing to get our name out in Des Moines has been really beneficial.” 

HSA Des Moines, which is the first public charter school in Iowa, is also going to add preschool and 4th grade levels before school starts up again next fall. HSA parents who were looking for their child’s next school can put off their search for at least one more year. 

“(Adding grade levels) has always been the plan but to be here and to start planning it is very exciting,” Reiman said. “Our current third grade families are excited and relieved. I’ve already gotten questions like, ‘Where is my third grader going to go next year?’ and now I’m like, ‘No, you stay here.’”