Success Stories

1.  I think that Horizon Science Academy was built here for children like us to come together and be friends, have fun and meet new nice teachers like you and for us to learn a new thing every day here at Horizon. I like Horizon because teachers are nice to me and I have friends and those friends are nice to me, as I am nice to them, and people are respectful, caring, and nice. I am in 3rd grade. I am in Mrs. McNutt’s class and it’s not just about winning it’s about caring.  – Abigayle Sweet

2.   My daughter is doing better in Horizon. She is making new friends and always doing her homework. I am glad that my daughter goes to HSA. She enjoys everything. – Parent (Anonymous)

3.   I am very happy for my daughter Dilak We made the right choice to let her go to this school. She has improved so much, that no one would ever believe it. When she started school she didn’t know English, now she speaks almost full English. I’m very thankful to her teachers and the administration and staff, because they did everything they could to help her improve this much. I would really recommend this school to many people. – Parent of Dilak

4.  We like this school because I like all the staff and it’s FUN In Horizon Science Academy.  If anyone is looking for a school come to Horizon Science Academy because it is a nice school. I like the small classes and I learn a lot because there are good teachers that want us to go to college and they are very nice. We all at Horizon CARE, C- cooperate, A- act responsibly, R- respect others, E- encourage others. The principal is very nice and our Horizon Science Academy is a good school.

5.   I think the Horizon Science Academy is a good school because it has lots of nice and wonderful teachers. It has important rules at school. Also, there are many helpful after-school activities. For example, there is Karate, science club, modeling club, and much more. It helps students to get better at things they need help with. Also, students get to have fun with the activities and do the sports they like.

6.   I’m beyond impressed with the quality of learning my son is receiving from Horizon. He’s definitely excelling way beyond what I’m sure he would in a public school. The teachers and staff at Horizon Have been more than accommodating to my own busy schedule and financial needs. My son's attitude has definitely improved 100% since attending. I would and have recommended Horizon Science Academy to any parent looking for a wonderful and caring school for their children. Thanks and keep up the great work.

7.   This is the first year my son has attended Horizon Science Academy.  Every time you enter the school you are greeted with a smiling face and a hello. You get a real sense of being welcomed. I am very impressed with the school. It means a lot to me that the staff is so caring and concerned with my son’s education and his success. Mrs. Zellmer, Mrs. Sparks, Mrs. Williamson and Ms. Frei are exceptional people. My son enjoys going to Horizon Science Academy, I feel it is the best place for him.